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Trade Show Display Types

When it comes to choosing a display for an upcoming trade show, there are a ton of different options. You can pick a booth to meet your every whim and need, but first you need to know about all the most popular exhibits on the market. This article will provide you with a good guide on each type of displays and show what makes them handy for presentations of any kind.

Banner Stands

Banner stands can be used to display company’s information, or showcase a new product or service coming from your company. Banner displays help you stand out as they stand tall and display your product on a very appealing back drop. Smaller banners can be utilized as an addition to your main display. Banner stands are extremely portable, lightweight, and hold up very well against wear and tear.

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up display

Pop up displays are much larger than the typical banner stand. They are both wider and taller, meaning you can convey more information or show off a larger graphic. These pop up displays are highly portable and lightweight, making it extremely easy to take from one trade show to another.

Xclaim Displays

Xclaim displays are unique because they have a very modern and distinct look. They can definitely attract a crowd all on their own due to their professional looks. Xclaim displays are made of aluminum which makes them very lightweight and portable.

Modular Display

A Modular display is essentially a custom booth. They are some kind of a mix between a pop up displays and a frame exhibits. Modular displays are quite lightweight which allows for easy transporting between shows. Displays of this type are great because they are reusable and reconfigurable, meaning you can adjust their height, width, and length, allowing you to adapt to whatever situation you’re in.

Waveline DisplaysWaveline display


Waveline displays provide a great way to brand your booth. These displays act as a backdrop for your presentation and provide a nice way to give your booth some style and professional look. Waveline displays typically range from 6-8 feet for table top presentations and 8-20 feet for a full scale trade show exhibits.

Formulate Displays

The Formulate display is a seamless fabric display. They are available in a huge range of sizes, having whatever dimensions you’ll need. These formulate booths provide a great eye catching look for your display that is guaranteed to invite people into your booth.

Truss Displays

Truss Displays are essentially a stage for your booth. They provide a base, backdrop, and panels making your booth wonderfully professional in style. Truss Displays come in many different styles, sizes and shapes that can meet every exhibitor’s trade show needs, but what is more wonderful about these displays is that you can reconfigure them as you want. For example, you can beak down a basic display to make two booths out of it, and vice versa, or use orbital truss parts and accessories from several displays to assemble a completely new booth with a unique look. These displays are tool less and can be assembled on site and require no tools to construct, as its name implies. These are great because they can save you a ton of time and effort when transporting the displays.

As you can see, the market of trade show displays offers a great selection of options. Every exhibitor can choose a proper type of displays, you just need to know what kind of presentations you want to organize, what goals you set with it and how frequent you are going to exhibit.

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Trade Show Marketing – Attracting a Crowd

One thing that people tend to ask is how to attract visitors to your area when you are at a trade show convention. Now, there isn’t any clear cut formula that will draw in people, but there are definitely some tips that will help you. From setting up your area, to having an internal speech, here are some basic tips that I have learned from my experience on how to attract a crowd at your displays.

The first big tip I can provide is to have an attractive display. You do not want to cut corners when it comes to your display. You want the best looking banner stands, pop up displays, or hanging signs that you can afford to bring. Everyone knows that the first impression is the one you get from your first glance, so you want your trade show display to sell itself. There are a ton of great resources you can use to look up where to get your gear. Here a couple of sites I would recommend APGexhibits.com, Exhibeportable.com and tradeshowplus.com

You also want to have a good idea of how you’re going to set up. You do not want your booth to be overly crowded, but you want to have enough information that people can easily remember. You want your branding all over this display. You want people to associate your brand with your trade show display and with your name. Odds are, if you make that great first impression, they will remember your brand and remember your name.

Exhibits at a trade showAfter you have your aesthetics down, you want to know what you’re going to say to potential customers. You definitely do not want people to approach you and ask you basic questions and not have an idea of what you are going to say. It is extremely important to be concise, and have confidence. Confidence is a huge key because it shows that you’re professional and willing to sell yourself and your product.

You also want to be personable with the people who approach. I have found that your banner displays will invite them in and you have to make them stay. You definitely do not want to ignore anybody that approaches your displays, but you do not want to overstay your welcome. If you have an iPad Kiosk available, let the customer do their thing after you’ve given proper introductions. You do not want to hover over them as they might feel pressured to hurry up and leave.

Lastly, you want to leave them remembering you. You want to leave that great impression that no other company will be able to live up to. Whether its offering some sort of freebies at your booth or just some nifty and unique cards, you want something that makes you stand out and sets you apart from the other competitors. It is completely up to you how you do this, but you should know the limits. But whats certain is that leaving that lasting impression can make or break you.

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The Basic facts about Trade Show Marketing

Trade exhibits are the area where lots of people collect at the same time. It is the dreamland to market your new items because you can get to plenty of audience within the provided time. Campaigns are held to display and also advertise brand-new items in the hall. Yet before you continue right into trade convention marketing you ought to learn the best ways to effectively make use of the given possibility. There are different strategies through which you can masterfully produce a great perception in the minds of customer.

This is absolutely a gold opportunity for marketing experts as well as suppliers given that they can satisfy their target audience personally as well as encourage them about the features of the brand-new item. Here are some factors to consider when you are making use of this chance:Target the audience for the item initially. You should have a clear concept about the nature of customers with which you will certainly be carrying out marketing in the program. Each product has one team of guaranteed consumers.

For instance fashion jewelry is liked by modern-day urban ladies and also in particular teen age women. You can not expect an old lady to use them. In a similar way any type of brand-new software program is much appreciated amongst the people of business class and that too from IT industry. So it is necessary that you must have some concept about the audience prior to you go into advertising and marketing. Use memorable words and also appealing terms which are impressive while displaying the item. The success of advertising to big degree depends on exactly how you have the ability to convince the customer by your words.When you intend the date as well as place of the show, you could send emails or print out invites to your regular customers.

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An Introduction to Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are one of one of the most efficient methods of marketing your company. Trade shows are usually trade market specific therefore those that participate in currently have an interest in your company, product or services and are probably wanting to buy. The issue is you are additionally bordered by your competition. It is extremely important consequently to obtain on your own observed; you will should attract attention in the crowd. So exactly how will you attract those potential consumers to your exhibit stand? Make your stand exciting helpful as well as inviting. You will have to catch the customer’s focus with colour, motion or noise. Demos always draw a crowd, why not demonstrate your items in action, let visitors have a go or run a competitors; everybody wants to win a reward!

Advertise special offers with join the outside of your stand to attract visitors in and posters or indicators around or outside the event venue to direct them to your stand. Everybody prefers to save money so they will group to your stand. Make special deals specific to the show to ensure they purchase or put orders on the day, do not let them escape by permitting them to think of it or visit your competitor’s stand down the aisle.

An additional good way of drawing in visitors to your stand is a sweep drum. Motivate site visitors to place their calling card in your drum and promote the draw at a certain time during the day and also provide a high quality prize. Ensure you tell those entering when the draw will certainly occur. This is a show stopper as everybody likes a lottery and also will make a point of returning to your stand if they remain in with an opportunity of winning a fantastic prize.